Welcome to Winchester Periodontics and Implantology.   Our practice is devoted to individual care and clinical perfection in treating patients.   We aim to deliver superior patient surgical treatment and care with the latest state of the art clinically proven techniques in a relaxed and modern environment.  The practice was founded in 1970  and continues its ongoing trust to patients and dedicated referring Doctors.  We are proud of our committed staff ready to help you in all aspects of your treatment. 

Recognized as leading experts in providing Oral Reconstructive Surgery ranging from Bone Augmentation, Oral plastic Surgery and Oral Implants to achieve ultimate final esthetic results and long term health. We work with patients from simple to very complex cases.  DR MEHANNA is known for his motivation and innovation in developing a personalized treatment plan that will address every patients individual needs. 

Our commitment is based on better communication with the patient and collaborating doctors to deliver unparalleled care leading to exceptional clinical outcomes which made our reputation renowned in the field of Periodontics, Oral Bone Reconstruction and Implantology.

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