DR. ROBERT MEHANNA is a Certified Periodontist.  He received his Postdoctorate Degree from the Department of Periodontology and Oral Biology at Boston University.

Dr. Mehanna is a faculty at Harvard University Division of Oral Medicine, Infectious Disease and Immunity,  and lectures at the Department of Periodontology.  His surgical expertise and innovative approach has put him in the most respected names in Bone Reconstruction and Oral Implantology within the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Mehanna graduated with high honors.   He was awarded "Excellence in Periodontology" for his outstanding clinical and academic performance from Boston University Department of Periodontology.  He earned his D.M.D. from Boston University School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Mehanna's practice specializes on the treatment of Complex Periodontal Disease with a focus on Bone Reconstruction, Oral Implants and Oral Plastic Surgery.  His commitment to his Patients and affiliated Doctors has established him with a high standard of Excellency.  Dr. Mehanna is known to provide patients with advanced Periodontal care.

As part of his ongoing academic pursuits Dr. Mehanna devotes significant time to innovative approaches on Oral Bone Reconstruction.  He is also a pioneer in the East Coast for Zirconia Surgical Implants that provide a more holistic approach to patients seeking metal free implants.    

He frequently contributes to academic clinical publications and journals  Recognized internationally for his skills he is a highly sought after lecturer and continuously participates with local and world conferences.